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Let your energy do the talking.

Connecting with you & the origin of tattoo.

For many years, tattoos were seen as a social taboo, something only gangsters and marines adopted, leaving it marginalized to meanings of violence and aggression. What most people don't know is that tattoos were considered a sacred practice in many cultures as early as the 11th and 12th centuries. 

Tattoos and body markings were used to tell stories and bring spiritual fortitude to those who wore them proudly upon their skin, taking part in beautiful rituals that brought the wearer closer to their divine knowledge and inner sacred power. 

Now its your turn.



Step 1

Ritual & Introspection

Tarot Cards _ Crystals

Step 2

Reading & Connection

Artist Sketching

Step 3

Intuitive Designing

Tattoo Artist

Step 4


Let's connect together.

A beautiful and relaxing ritual process that takes us from guided meditation and introspection, to a design that will help channel your energy for whatever you soul desires. Through these four easy steps, we'll arrive at a tattoo that speaks for and about you. 

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